Veronika Radolovich

Veronika Radolovich, known brilliantly in the universe of art and creation as Sparkles, hones a passionate heartset that continues to inspire and uplift an artistically driven community all around the world.

Through this heartset, she creates art through various mediums such as bespoke fashion design, creation with thoughtfully curated fabrics, and paint. With painting, she has developed her own methodology and approach. Using the entirety of her body as a paintbrush, she uses precise movement and dance inspired through her professional career and life’s experience to create one-of-a-kind, large-scale paintings. A trained rhythmic gymnast she competed professionally for four years. When she turned 12, she moved into classical ballet. The intensity and growing physical demand of rhythmic gymnastics prompted the switch. Veronika and ballet began a love affair where she committed to it fully. From ages 12 to 19, she trained rigorously in a professional environment. She trained both at school and with daily private lessons.

Painting was always a lifelong dream. Sparkles parents were both creative and artistically driven people, having met in art school. She was surrounded by creativity growing up. After moving to Montréal, she worked towards marrying dance and paint, her freedom and lifelong dream. Sparkles connected with abstract artist Callen Schaub. Through yet another evolution, the two together created Moon Magic. Moon Magic is the art series of large-scale paintings with Sparkles using dance and movement as her paint brush. These performances are art directed by both Callen and Sparkles from the colour selections, down to the capture of the performance. There is a sense of unapologetic energy in the concept of dancing with paint on that feels like reclamation. In line with the celebration of womanhood empowerment, each painting is created under a full moon, the symbol of femininity.

Today, Sparkles continues to create. She is devoted to developing her techniques. She has her eyes set towards the art world, where she is committed to creating experiences for people through her work. She feels there is a healing in dance that she finds joy in sharing. As far as she feels, her art helps her overcome anything she might face or encounter in her life by also helping others overcome or face anything they may be encountering in their lives. How beautiful it is to lace up all the parts of us to behold and beckon as beautiful, full of love, and worthy of celebrating? This is Sparkles’ mission. Her mission is the namesake of her company, Laced with Sparkles.