Veronika Radolovich

Artist statement:

As an artist with over two decades of formal training in classical ballet, modern dance, and jazz, my career as a creative director and choreographer has invariably shaped my artistic expression. Best described, my art is an amalgamation of large-scale canvas, body art, rhythmic gymnastics, costume design and dance. As the subject and model and muse for other painters and artists for many years, I have moved towards adapting my combined philosophy of art and movement towards expressing my emotional perspectives on canvas.

When I married my dance career with abstract art and first stepped onto my canvas; I discovered this was another way to capture motion. The result of my paintings captures the history of the dance innovatively taking 3D form and transferring it on a 2D surface. My approach by pouring paint directly onto my body and canvas leaves a visual imprint, echoing the rhythm and energy of the performance. To this end, performance is a critical element in my body of work. It is an aspect that I can control and share. As a survivor of sexual assault and PTSD, I view my work as a literal and symbolic reclamation of my body and soul. Each performance showcases how movement can aid and heal trauma, harnessing the power of creativity to transform pain into resilience and artistry. Where I previously felt I did not have a voice, performance art has become my loudspeaker.

Through my art, I seek to evoke emotions, spark imagination, and transport audiences to a realm where the boundaries between reality and abstraction blur.